How It Works

How It Works - Peeking Cat Literary Editing Services

Please read this page before contacting me – it includes some important information about how my service works.

What Happens

Please contact me in the first instance to let me know what you would like me to do. This is particularly important if you have a deadline – please don’t pay any fees until you know for sure that I can accommodate you in time for your due date! Once I’ve emailed you back, please send the work you would like me to look at, and make your payment via PayPal. I do require payment upfront before I complete the work. You can find some examples of my writing on the homepage.

Once I’ve received payment I will complete the work and send it back to you. I will send you a Word document or Google Doc with tracked changes or suggestions so you can see all the changes I’ve made, and instructions on how to accept these changes to finalise the document. If you’ve requested a poetry critique, I will send you a Word document or Google Doc containing your writing, along with my suggestions or notes in comment form.


Every effort will be taken to produce the best possible work, however, I cannot accept responsibility or liability for any damages or costs caused by any errors in a document. I do not take responsibility for any copyright infringement that may appear in your work. Any work you publish or otherwise make accessible to the public or private domain is entirely your responsibility.

Email to talk about how we could work together.