Editing Services for Businesses

Editing Services For Businesses

Whether you’re rewriting the content for your website, creating a brand new business plan or trying to tidy up that important report, I can make sure your words are in tip-top condition with my proofreading and copy editing services.

I can help you to perfect articles, blog posts, business plans, reports, reviews and more.


My proofreading service is a straightforward check of spelling and grammar, correcting any errors and making sure everything makes sense.


For my copyediting (line editing) service, I will carry out line by line spelling, grammar, fact and continuity checking. I will make sure facts are correct and consistent throughout your work.


Proofreading: £4.25 per 1,000 words

Copyediting: £5.50 per 1,000 words

The minimum price for any service is £20 and fees are payable in advance via PayPal.

Please read the information on the How It Works page before getting in touch. Email sam@peekingcatliterary.co.uk to talk about how we could work together. I look forward to hearing from you!